Dear Miss Taylor Swift

Terje hadde klart å bestille billetter til konserten hennes i Tyskland samme helg som vi skulle til Eksingedalen. Så vi tok grep, skrev brev til henne og håpet på det beste.

Dear Miss Taylor Swift,

I write to you in a time of need, because we find ourselves in a bit of a bind.

My friend Terje might be your biggest fan, which you would find quite extraordinary if you ever met the guy, and have tickets to your show in Cologne the 20. of June. However, Terje have two big passions here in this life, your music and fly fishing.


Our friends, Terje and I had originally planned a trip up to Eksingedal on the west coast of Norway this weekend, but unfortunately the weather just isn’t on our side. Its gonna rain, a lot. We are therefore planing the trip the weekend after, 19 – 21. of June. And its while planing this we struck upon a obstacle, your concert. As the good friends that we are, we dont want him to choose between his two passions, mainly because we know that we would lose.







So why is this a problem you might ask. Well, we want to take our friend fishing. You would, if you knew the guy, want him at your concert. Therefore we thought that we come up with a third option, why dont you come to Eksingedal?

We can’t really offer you a sum of money that equals your concert rate, however we can offer you a experience that you will remember for a long, long time.







Eksingedal is a beautiful valley about two hours from Bergen, Norway, with a beautiful river that offers remarkable fly fishing for trout. If you haven’t fly fished before, then here´s a good opportunity to start. We will of course supply everything you need of fishing gear, and I know that Terje will be more than happy to act as your personal fly fishing instructor. We´ve all been raised as gentlemen, so we will of course bring a extra tent just for you. A lady needs her space.


All we ask in return for this little detour is that you sing Terje a song or two. We might not be at the level with the musicians you work with on a daily basis, but we´ll manage a chord or two and what we don´t have in musical abilities we make up for in enthusiasm.


The way I see it, this is a win win. You get to go fly fishing between mighty mountains in a beautiful river in a secluded valley in Norway, while we get to pleasure of bringing Terje on our trip, as well as you.

Best regards
on behalf of Martin, Haakon, Erik and Hallvard


If Calvin wants to join, he´s of course more than welcome.


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