Urban flyfishing «Tell me»

Å gå over bekken etter vann har fått en ny betydning. I Sommer fartet vi finnmarksvidda rundt på jakt etter det blanke sølvet, uviten om at drømmefiske kun befant seg en ussel togtur unna Bergen sentrum.


2 thoughts on “Urban flyfishing «Tell me»

  1. Hi Haakon,

    How are things? I am writing to see if you’d be interested in having your film “Tell Me” shown in our Orvis retail stores. In many of our locations, there are now large digital screens, and we are looking for short films to run on them. This is not part of any sales pitch, but simply a way to provide entertainment and get people stoked about fly fishing. I am choosing my favorite shorts that are on The Tug and contacting the filmmakers for permission.

    The software that runs the screens doesn’t work with embeds, so we would need the actual film file.

    What do you think?



    Phil Monahan
    Editor Orvis News

    1. Hello Phil:)
      This is a very late answer, hehe. Sure Thats not a problem. Dont know if the screens are stil up and running, or what the plan is at the moment. Is this the right mail to use, monahanp@orvis.com? Another way to do this, you can just download the film from Vimeo, you have my permission.

      Have a wonderful day.

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